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Birthdate:Dec 15
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
Website:My Livejournal

"To speak as a fan is to accept what has been labeled a subordinated position within the cultural hierarchy, to accept an identity constantly belittles or criticized by institutional authorities. Yet it is also to speak from a position of collective identity, to force an alliance with a community of others in defense of tastes which, as a result, cannot be read as totally aberrant or idiosyncratic. Indeed, one of the most often heard comments from new fans is their surprise in discovering how many people share their fascination with a particular series, their pleasure in discovering that they are not 'alone.'"
-Henry Jenkins, Textual Poachers, pg 23

"The thing is, writing fan fiction isn't just something we do. We're not just humming on the bus. Fan fiction is part of how fans are who we are, with each other. It's one of the ways we relate to each other, one on one and as a community, and that's not something we're going to give up just because it might make a pro writer feel a bit oogy. I wish it didn't do that; I'd really rather every pro writer could take it as the compliment we intend it to be. But if they can't, they can have my sympathy -- not my compliance.
-[personal profile] merryish, "Cant Stop the Signal," Posted Dec. 13, 2007

Name: Jay
Likes: Fandom, Fandom, Did I mention fandom? Meta'ing, beta'ing, and writing fanfiction; Websurfing; reading; drawing; writing; listening to music; video games; long and deep conversations; Diet Peach Snapple; Random insanity and spontaneity; rocking out in the shower to music in my head; Orbit Spearmint Gum
Dislikes: Homophobia; sexism; racism; intolerance; n00bs; the fact that everything in my home town closes down at 10 FUCKING PM; People who won't take concrit and/or get offended when you give it to them; People who think their horrible writing/art is the best thing since sliced bread, yet tell other, competent writers that they suck; People who think that you're stupid because of the music you listen to/TV show you watch/fandom pairing you ship; Fandom wank in general
What this Journal is About: Mostly having to do with my daily life, my fandom work, etc. I post my fanfiction here and it gets linked to from the communities it belongs in. I'll do some meta, some rants about my life, all the normal odds and ends. All things in here besides fanfiction and meta are FRIENDS ONLY.
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